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  Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer tracking fromTrailerTrailers offers the latest technology, advanced battery management and superbly designed software to deliver robust and versatile trailer tracking solutions to the world.

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  Cost effective trailer tracking

  Protection against theft

  Easy installation

  Battery powered GPS tracker

  Trailer maintenance scheduling

  Sophisticated trailer reporting

  Advanced security solutions

  Temperature monitoring

  Up to 7 yrs battery life

  Wireless sensors

  Tamper and Intrusion detection

  Global trailer... beyond GSM




  GPS trailer tracking Maintenance scheduling

Do you have a trouble scheduling maintenance for large fleets?

TrailerTrailers are developing software solutions which are designed to make your legal obligations for performing regular inspections on each trailer easier.

Do you have a large fleet operating from several distribution centres, each trailer can end up in a different location at the end of each shift. Finding the trailer that is overdue its service or inspection can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

TrailerTrailers' maintenance scheduler not only tells you when a trailer event is forthcoming but it also tells you where to find it.

Keep detailed records online of service notes, dates, times and setup a reminder for the next service task.




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