Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer tracking from TrailerTrailers offers the latest technology, advanced battery management and superbly designed end to end solution to deliver offer robust and versatile trailer tracking solutions to the world.

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  Cost effective trailer tracking

  Protection against theft

  Easy installation

  Battery powered GPS tracker

  Trailer maintenance scheduling

  Sophisticated trailer reporting

  Advanced security solutions

  Temperature monitoring

  Up to 7 yrs battery life

  Wireless sensors

  Tamper and Intrusion detection

  Global trailer... beyond GSM



  GPS trailer tracking Unnauthorised access detection

Do you need to know when someone gains unnauthorised access to your trailer? We can monitor a range of conditions such door open and clos. The exact location of your trailer when the the door is opened and closed is recorded on our server for later analysis.

> Discover when and where unscheduled access was gained

> Ensure the trailer doors have remained sealed

> Make sure you are not transporting illegal immigrents

Work with our experts to develop a solution that fits with your precise requirements.

Video survellance.....coming soon.. monitor remotely what and who is in the back of your trailers and containers using covert audio and video survellance.

Track, monitor, watch and listen.







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