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GPS Trailer tracking from TrailerTrailers offers the latest technology, advanced battery management and superbly designed end to end solution to deliver offer robust and versatile trailer tracking solutions to the world.

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  GPS trailer tracking Theft Protection

The rise of organised crime and opportunistic theft has increased the ammount of hijackings and theft sufffered by the transport industry all over the world. The TrailerTrailers GPS Trailer tracking solution is an ideal tool for combatting theft.

When a trailer is stolen activate the built in CHASE mode to turn the unit into a realtime tracking device which will send its positions back to the tracking server every 5 minutes.

In the case of very high value loads additional security features can be fitted into the device to aid in recovery of stolen or lost trailers and cargo, even when the trailer crosses international boundaries and has no GPS signal our theft recovery systems can aid trailer and cargo recovery.

We offer an extensive range of solutions to assist you combat trailer crime, these include:

1 A variety of packaging options are available to help disguise the tracking device and avoid detection by thieves.

2 Custom solution such as motion sensors, curfew monitoring, door opening

3 Geofence the trailer and receive an instant alarm as soon as the device sends a position to the TrailerTrailers servers that signifies it is outside the secure area.

Advanced trailer security - TrailerTrailers advanced solutions options include our high sensitivity GPS tracker that has the power to track valuable goods for long periods of time with truely unparalled performance. TrailerTrailers are currently testing this global tracking device in 5 different continents under the most demanding conditions GPS conditions to. The results to date are spectacular.

Advanced cargo tracking - for securing the actual cargo either by pallet, case or even individual item please check out our very special high performance GPS cargo monitoring or our RFID solutions


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