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GPS Trailer tracking from TrailerTrailer offers the latest in technology, advanced battery management and superbly designed software to deliver offer robust and versatile trailer tracking solutions to the world.

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  GPS trailer tracking Advanced security solutions

Do you have special requirments for ultra secure or valuable cargo and trailers?

Although our trailer tracking device is built with quality GPS components there comes a time when even the most advanced GPS systems will fail to calculate a position. In these circumstances your trailer may still be locateable thanks to some unique features we have designed into the unit.

We can remotely program the tracker to send back data for the GSM network it is using, we then aquire more accurate data from the local GSM network via the tracking device itself.

STEP 1. With the help of law enforcement agencies and telecommunication companies we can we can locate the approximate area of the trailer, normally to within just a few miles, even if the unit has travelled overseas it is possible to track it to its approximate area. With the assistance of Interpol or the local law enforcement agencies it can be possible to locate the trailer in overseas countries even without GPS. Tracking without GPS.

STEP 2. If an exact location and recovery will be required we can also fit the unit with an unique RF beacon which can be activated remotely from TrailerTrailers HQ. Local recovery teams can quickly home in on this signal with a range of RF directional finding equipment and hopefully enable you to recover your stolen trailer or cargo.

Do have special trailer security requirements? Dont hesitate to discuss them in strickest confidence.

LATEST NEWS, March 2006- Advanced trailer and cargo security - TrailerTrailers advanced tracking solutions includes an options our high sensitivity GPS tracker that has the power to track valuable goods and high value cargoes for exteneded periods of time with truely unparalled GPS performance. TrailerTrailers are currently testing this global tracking device in 5 different continents in some of the most demanding conditions GPS has ever been subjected.... we have astounding results to date.


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