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GPS Trailer tracking from TrailerTrailers offers the latest technology, advanced battery management and superbly designed end to end solution to deliver offer robust and versatile trailer tracking solutions to the world.

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  GPS trailer tracking Cargo & trailer temperature

Do you transport temperature sensitive cargo? the financial risks of a cargo going over or under temperature are huge. The Trailer-Trailers tracking solution can include an on board temperature sensor that monitors and reports back the cargo temperature at preset intervals along side GPS information.

OPTION A - Trailer Trailers can provide timestamped temperature readings of your cargo with GPS trailer tracking information. Great for refrigerated transport.

OPTION B - Trailer Trailers can provide timestamped temperature readings only. For enhanced, more granular monitoring of refrigerated trailers or monitoring refrigerated warehouses.

OPTION C - Trailer Trailers can provide timestamped readings of your cargo at upto 64 different positions inside the trailer using wireless sensor technology. Use with or without GPS trailer tracking. Excellent for refrigerated trailers, refrigerated trucks and refridgerated warehousing

OPTION D - Trailer Trailers can provide long term temperature logging with data download when a GSM network becomes available. Suitable for long distance freight via land or sea of temperature sensitive goods. E.g track a container of phamaceuticals on a trans-Atlantic voyage and receive a detailed temperature log when the ship arrives in port on the other side of the Atlantic.

Temperature monitoring via SMS - up to 12 temperature readings can be supplied in every SMS message sent back to the TrailerTrailers server. Full historic reporting of temperature can be analysed and downloaded over the internet. TrailerTrailers provide bespoke reporting and management reporting tools to help you analyse the data we collect, ask a Trailer tracking consultant how we can help you reduce temperature spoilage and quickly start increasing your profitibility.

Wireless temperature monitoring - TrailerTrailers are developing an exciting range of wireless battery powered temperature sensors that measure temperature and send the information back to our GPS/GPRS based tracking devices that are located in your tractor units. This will provide minute by minute live temperature tracking of your cargo at several points inside your trailer. Expected launch 2nd quarter 2006.

Typical uses for our range of temperature monitoring products include;

  • Temperature monitoring for phamaceuticals
  • Monitoring refridgerated food products
  • Temperature range monitoring for chemicals
  • Check humidity and temperature for sensitive machinery
  • Temperature limit monitoring for remote server rooms
  • Temperature alarm monitoring for food storage facilities


News: Feb 2006. System testing for wireless sensors commences.



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