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  Trailer Tracking

GPS Trailer tracking from TrailerTrailers offers the latest technology, advanced battery management and superbly designed end to end solution to deliver offer robust and versatile trailer tracking solutions to the world.

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  Protection against theft

  Easy installation

  Battery powered GPS tracker

  Trailer maintenance scheduling

  Sophisticated trailer reporting

  Advanced security solutions

  Temperature monitoring

  Up to 7 yrs battery life

  Wireless sensors

  Tamper and Intrusion detection

  Global trailer... beyond GSM




  GPS trailer tracking Delivering Real ROI

The very lastest technology and our passion to develop the worlds best trailer and cargo tracking solutions have produced an exceptional portfolio of products that are unique in terms of battery life and features all designed to save you money.

We deliver great performamance at a competitive price with the flexibility to give solve many issues that the modern logistics company faces.

We have GPS tracking devices which are designed with powerful compression algoritms that send upto 10 positions in every message to the TrailerTrailers servers thereby helping you to run a cost effective trailer tracking solution. If high value cargo and theft is your main concern then we provide advanced solutions to aid you recover and manage.

The remotely configurable reporting allow the TrailerTrailer tracking device to operate in many different modes of operation.

The primary reason for installing a trailer tracking system is to increase your bottom line. Fleet management has demonstrated its return on investment 1000's of times already for many companies the world over.

How it will do this for you varies greatly on the type of business you run and the areas you are looking make savings in.

Below is a list of examples where REAL financial benefits are proven for those that decide to implement fleet management, the list is by no means exhaustive. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you increase your profitability.

  • Reports showing hours spent on the move. helps you determine your trailer fleet utilisation and efficiency
  • Time spent at the same location shows potentially idle trailers, helps you identify spare fleet capacity. Release surplus fleet or take on new business.
  • Start and end of day depot report, see where your trailers are at the beginning and end of a day, summarised by depot name.
  • Trailer utilisation Shows how many of your trailers are not leaving your depots and how many trailers are working for your. Carefull fleet optimisation can help reduce your capital expenditure on new trailers.
  • Reduce fuel usage Carefull control of your trailer fleet will reduce the number of trips needed to pickup and drop of trailers. Especially useful if you have multiple depots or distribution centers
  • Reduce trailer loss If you have ever lost a trailer through accidentally misplacing and it or through theft you can now take action to prevent trailer losing trailers
  • Improved customer service keep your customers informed of the whereabouts of their goods whilst in transit
  • Reduce your fleet size reduce your fleet size by 5% to 25% and get the same amount of work from your fleet by managing your fleet efficiently once you know how your fleet operates
  • Theft and hijack protection for employees and cargo Wireless sensors including panic alarms can communicate with the trailer tracking device
  • Reduce supply chain shrinkage, monitor where and when your pallets, cargo, parcels or items are removed from your trailers. We can work with you to automatically detect if cargo has been removed at a location other than its destined delivery address by correlating drop of points with delivery schedules.
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Locate your fleet to help you schedule trailer maintenance and inspections Dont miss a trailer inspection and loose your license. Dont send your engineers on wild trailer chases.
  • Additional security features

Work with TrailerTrailers to build a security and fleet solution tailored to integrate with your business processes and supply chain procedures


For further information download a brochure and technical specifications or contact a TrailerTrailers tracking consultant today.

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