RFID in the supply chain

RFID asset management. Complete asset management Trailer tracking aims to provide a complete end to end solution for every sized company
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  RFID An introduction System overview

Do you have special requirments for ultra secure or valuable cargo and trailers?

RFID benefits are numerous and have been proven over and over again, RFID asset management is finally considered a mature technology and has been adopted and indeed mandated by organisations such as the US Department of Defence and Wal-Mart, 2 of the worlds largest logistics organisations. Suppliers to these organisations must comply or loose business to major customers.

It should therefore come as no surprise that many of the world’s major retailers have adopted RFID tagging for pallets, cases and items for monitoring asset movement around their distribution centres, retail centres and supply chains.

The estimated consequence of this RFID activity is thought to have impacted on around 250,000 manufacturers and suppliers and distributors globally, RFID will is now becoming a must have for organisations wishing to increase efficiency and profit by;

  • Improving supply chain efficiencies
  • Providing supply visibility for goods in storage and transit
  • Reducing time to invoice
  • Improvising “Just in time” delivery systems
  • Reduced inventory loss
  • Reduced supply chain shrinkage
  • Automated proof of delivery
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Integration with ERP and backend systems



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