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  RFID Applications

The range of applications that take advantage of RFID is large and continues to grow as advances in technology and a falling RFID costs enable more and more applications to become viable.

RFID for personal access control

There are many areas where RFID tags are carried by people to allow them to gain access to facilities or services. Some of the areas where TrailerTrailers can assist your organisation in implementing a RFID solution include the following.

  • Secure access to work place
  • Safety access to dangerous/secure equipment
  • Restrict access to a computer or warehouse
  • RFID access control for vehicles
  • Secure access
  • Driver and vehicle monitoring, who is driving which vehicle
  • Driver access. Which driver is opening the container?
  • Do I have an authorised driver near my open container
  • Which driver was in which tractor unit with which trailer ?

RFID in manufacturing automation

The range of uses for RFID is perhaps the largest in the manufacturing and automation sectors. Classic examples of this include car manufacturing and the aerospace industry where large numbers of componenets need to be managed both through the manufacturing process and also at a later date for maintenance and servicing.

TrailerTrailers believe that the following areas are those where generally maximum benefit can be derived from RFID

  • Control of flexible manufacturing processes, multiple products on one production line
  • Labeling of components and products
  • Build up a picture of which components have been used to build the final product
  • Verification of genuine parts.
  • Prevent inferior copies being used for vital applications such as aircraft parts.
  • Maintenance and service history
  • Product recall management

  • RFID in Logistics and distribution

    The logistics and supply chain management industries were amongst the first to embrace the potential of RFID in the supply chain. As confidence and experience has grown the range of applications and financial benefits derived from RFID has also grown.

    area of RFID usage, managing

  • Tracking parcels from shipment to end customer. Use with TrailerTrailers GPS tracking to timestamp and georeference that the delivery was made to the correct address.
  • Tracking goods from manufacturing through to point of sale and point of purchase
  • Control of the supply chain, identify bottlenecks and areas of shrinkage
  • Real-time stock visibility
  • Real time asset inventory

  • RFID in retail

    A natural progression of RFID tagging in the supply chain is to extend the tags useful lifetime to track inventory through the retail chain. The benefits are numerous but depend on your organisation's current operations to determine if, how and where RFID can be put to use for your organisation.

    • Supply chain management
    • proof of delivery
    • Reduced time to bill
    • Reduced shrinkage and theft
    • Increased product availability

    RFID for maintenance and service

    Typical usages for RFID can be to store an asset's own parts list, including where and when parts were replaced. Data stored on a tag could include next scheduled service date and schedule, replaced parts to date or even data such as hours of operation or temperature operating range.

    RFID for security

    Tamper evidence

    Growing numbers of products are dependent on being sealed from the environment or restricted from access from unnauthorised personnel. Homeland security initiatives in the USA are mandating that security seals are placed on containers coming into the country. RFID container tracking can give customs and immigration control a quick RED-no go, Green- go indication that the container has remained sealed since leaving a trusted source such as factory or authorised overseas packer or shipping agent.

    Product authentication

    More and more products are being cloned cheaply overseas and sold at discounts to premium branded products in many overseas markets. RFID is a valuable tool to address the rise in international fraud. The product may not even be from a rogue manufacturer trying to imitate a supplier product but it may be used to combat "grey imports" where the same product bought overseas at a lower price and imported into neighboring countries and sold at a higher price.


    Counterfeiting is rapidly rising global problem, everything from aircraft parts to cigarettes, software to

    Product theft

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