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RFID asset management. Complete asset management Trailer tracking aims to provide a complete end to end solution for every sized company
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EPCglobal and Auto-ID

EPCglobal is a joint venture between EAN International and the Uniform Code Council (UCC). EPCglobal is a not-for-profit organisation entrusted by industry to establish and support the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Network as the global standard for immediate, automatic, and accurate identification of any item in the supply chain of any company, in any industry, anywhere in the world. Their objective is to drive global adoption of the EPCglobal Network.

The EPCglobal Network was developed by the Auto-ID Center, an academic research project headquartered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) with labs at five leading research universities around the globe. Using this technology TrailerTrailers have designed our Enterprise asset management system from the ground up to be EPCglobal ready and are commited to offer EPCglobal and Auto-ID like technologies alongside fleet, trailer and personal tracking to give you an instant overview of the state of your organisations assets, inventory and status.
We cant track a low value asset such as t-shirt or packet of pasta in real time using RFID but by associating the EPCglobal number of an asset with a vehicle or trailer we can now offer real-time tracking for assets and cargo in your organisation.

What is EPC?

The Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) is the next generation of product identification. The EPC is a simple, compact ID that uniquely identifies objects (items, cases, pallets, locations, etc.) in the supply chain. The EPC is built around a basic hierarchical idea that can be used to express a wide variety of different, existing numbering systems, like the EAN.UCC System Keys, UID, VIN, and other numbering systems.

What is the EPCglobal network?

The EPCglobal Network is a set of technologies that enable immediate, automatic identification and sharing of information on items in the supply chain. In that way, the EPCglobal Network will make organisations more effective by enabling true visibility of information about items in the supply chain. EPCglobal is revolutionary in that it offers unique identification of every item ever made by a company. Imagine every can of cola being made being given its own unique serial number and you will start to appreciate the power that EPCglobal will bring.



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