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Fleet management is now a must for any company that relies on road transport. From simple "Track and Trace" to advanced fleet management reporting. We aim to help you keep control of your fleet and associated costs.

TrailerTrailers has a solution that will suit your requirements and your budget

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  GPS fleet tracking The tracking device

At the core of a tracking system lies the "black box" TrailerTrailers has developed a very small and reliable GPS and GPRS tracking device that is very easy and quick to install.

fleet tracking

Some of the features include;

> Built in back-up battery, if the main battery is disconnected or drops below a certain voltage the device will send out an alarm and seamlessly switch over to the back up battery for continuous tracking.

> Very small and compact, can be easily hidden and installed

> Built in Memory for positions, time, speed and direction if network coverage is lost. When network coverage is restored the device downloads its log automatically to TrailerTrailers servers. The device even works well in areas where network coverage is patchy.

> Built in geofence the device monitors its GPS position automatically

> Panic alarm, either a panic alarm hidden near the driver or a wireless key fob will allow a nearby driver to raise a SOS alarm to their manager or a 24hr x 7day call centre who can coordinate assistance or rescue.

> Digital output- remotely control the vehicle ignition (where local bylaws permit) or control other vehicle electrical circuits.

> Monitor personal and business mileage

> Voice communication with the driver, make a voice call to a hands free kit and communicate with the driver without having to provide a mobile phone or make the driver pull over. Save costs by avoiding having to pay for non business made on a company mobile phone.

> Over speed reporting

> Many more features that make TrailerTrailers vehicle tracking special


For further information download a brochure and technical specifications or contact a TrailerTrailers tracking consultant today.

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