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  GPS Fleet Tracking

Fleet management is now a must for any company that relies on road transport. From simple "Track and Trace" to advanced fleet management reporting. We aim to help you keep control of your fleet and associated costs.

TrailerTrailers has a solution that will suit your requirements and your budget

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  GPS fleet tracking How will it save me money - ROI

The only reason you will install a tracking system is because it will increase your profits. Its as simple as that. Fleet management has demonstrated its return on investment 1000's of times already for many companies the world over.

How it will do this for you varies greatly on the type of business you run and the areas you are looking make savings in.

Below is a list of examples where REAL financial benefits are proven over and over again for those that decide to implement fleet management and is by no means exhaustive. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you increase the bottom line.

Some of the areas where real savings are seen. Often just one of these areas will pay for the cost of the system several times over;

> Accurate working hours considered by Trailer Trailers as a quick win for all companies, are reports give you all the information you need to accurately control the money paid on salaries. Not only do you monitor the exact time for start and finish of day but you also eliminate time during the day where liberties are taken.

> Accurate reports for overtime Especially important to monitor, not only to keep precise records for working time directive but also so that you control your costs, Important when you pay x1.5 normal salaries or more for overtime.

> Service more customers with the same number of vehicles and drivers Reach more customers and make more money. Do you get that last minute call near the end of the afternoon. Not sure if you can take it on because you don't know your fleet's position well enough? a quick glance at the screen gives you the nearest drivers position to the customer, maybe you can take that extra job after all.

> Optimise vehicle speed The following graph represents the relationship between driver speed and fuel economy. With ever increasing fuel prices its important to keep you drivers driving in the "sweet spot". Reward the drivers with the best driving habits with monthly bonuses or gifts and watch your fuel costs drop. TrailerTrailers provide the best tools for monitoring, correcting and rewarding.

fuel economy

> Proof of delivery reports Automated reporting showing what time you picked up and dropped off shipments, or accurately record the length of time your engineer spent at a customer site. Improve billing and avoid lengthy and time consuming customer disputes.

> Increased customer satisfaction Make that last minute emergency call, improve response times or even notify customers of an imminent delivery.

> Theft and hijack protection Reduce the threat of vehicle theft and hijacking

> Reduce supply chain shrinkage Monitor vehicle and driver behaviour or add fully integrated RFID and supply chain monitoring to know what gets delivered where, at what time and by whom

> Early warning systems Detect problems before they happen. These could be trailer temperature increasing, drivers regularly breaking speed limits, vehicle behind schedule, unscheduled vehicle stop, route deviation, man down alarm or even not enough stock in store.

TrailerTrailers can take your business rules and turn them into valuable business tools. If you have a problem, tell us, the solution may be nearer than you think.

> Reduced insurance premiums Reduce your insurance premiums by protecting against theft, loss and bad driving habits. We will work with you to deliver solutions and processes required by your insurance company.


For further information download a brochure and technical specifications or contact a TrailerTrailers tracking consultant today.

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