GPS fleet Management

Fleet management systems are now a must for any transport or logistics company that relies heavily on road transport. We help you take control of your fleet and keep costs down.

TrailerTrailers has a GPS fleet management solution that will suit your requirements and your budget

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  GPS fleet tracking Alarming and alerting

Fleet managers cannot remain glued to the screen looking for events to occur. Which is why we have developed the fleet managers assistant. Fleet manager assistant alerts the manager to active or even forthcoming problems based on predefined criteria such as speed limits, drive times and geofencing. Take the work out of fleet management, let your fleet management system work for you.

Some of the features include;

> Speed alerts, be notified if speed limits are consitently broken. Save fuel and stay out of trouble with the law. Be notified when it happens and get a daily or weekly report.

> Geofence reporting, be notified when a driver arrives or leaves a predefined area or be notified when your driver is approaching a predefined area.

> Be notified if your drivers are breaching the working time directive. Receive a daily report to tell you how many permitted hours are left that month or how many hours and break times your drivers have taken.

Coming soon

> Trailer doors opening reports, be notified where and when your trailer doors were opened.

> Which driver was in which truck and which trailer did it haul?

> Where were the goods removed from the truck?

> Why did the driver stop en-route?

Do you want something not on the list? let us know.

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