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Personal tracking devices are valuable aid to help organisations and people protect their employees and meet requirements of their Lone Worker Policy

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GPS lone worker alarms

GPS Personal Tracking: A wide range of businesses and indivuals can beneift from sharing their GPS location with friends, familiy members or colleagues. Suitable for lone workers, elderly, senile dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers.

Lone workers are increasingly exposed to risks that come from exposure to either the general public or through pressures to work with immediate supervision or colleague support. GPS tracking devices that are designed specifically for lone workers give peace of mind for employers and employees. Some of the types of lone workers that may beneift include;

For detailed specifications of our preferred GPS tracker please visit Geonovo Geonovo Lone worker alarms

  • Social workers. When working alone social workers are exposed to high risks of attack and injury from potentially upset or annoyed patients, simple phone based check-in and check-out systems fail to provide enough protection because the alarm is not triggered until overdue Check-outs are triggered, also a large proportion of thier time may be spent travelling betweeen appointments.
  • Community Nurses. Similar to social worker, community nurses face increased risks due the potential close proximity to patients and physical nature of their work.
  • Field service engineers Whilst moving around a wide range of risks face service enginners, GPS is ideal to help pinpoint their position in event of attack, injury or accident. For service enginners that work in dangerous environments mandown features can provide additional safety for passively raising SOS alarms.
  • Retail staff and management. Safety is important for lone workers that are working un-sociable hours, cash handling or are in frequent contact with the publc.
  • Logistics and transport workers. Transport workers are a particular high risk category, typical problems that drivers or logistic industry may face include hijacking, working unnatended during unsocialable hours, inclement weather conditions, theft or attack for high value goods. A 2-way voice GPS personal alarm can function not just a lone worker protection device but also a communication device with potential to be used as a replacement for their regular GSM mobile phone.

GPS personal tracking devices are also frequently used for the following applications;

  • Early stage Alzheimer's patients Stage1 - Easy use phone and SOS, Stage2 - Easy use phone and tracking assist, Stage3 - geonfence and speed monitoring ( Transport use ), Stage4 - probably not applicable
  • Telecare systems for elderly and infirm Wireless assisted panic buttons for residential and urban tracking
  • Witness protection For those under high risk of attack
  • Lone worker safety systems GPS tracking has a wide range of uses for the lone worker
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