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  Partnering with TrailerTrailers

TrailerTrailers allows you to go to market quickly with the very best GPS tracking solutions and services in todays market
GPS tracking systems are evolving at a tremendous speed. Advances in electronics and business practices are evolving faster than ever. With the immenent launch of the Galilleo in 2007 the range of devices, services and solutions is about increase dramatically. The resources required to keep up with tracking technoloy are also set to increase dramatically.

At TrailerTrailers we keep abreast of all technologies related to location and tracking. We constantly listen to resellers and customers to develop the next generation of fleet and logistic solutions. We have a passion to deliver outstanding performance at competitive prices. Whether you are an established tracking company looking to leap to the next level of technology, or a complete newcomer to the tracking industry, TrailerTrailers are the ideal technology partner that will keep you streets ahead of your competition.

Fed-up with under performing development teams? never able to get to market first with exciting new products? Do your development budgets and timescales always stretch and slip?

If you have an idea for a new product or service TrailerTrailers can help you take it to market, TrailerTrailers can offer fixed costs and timescales to deliver bespoke solutions quickly and in budget.

  Our Members

Resellers. Our resellers are expected to be driven to sell and support their customers with the range of TrailerTrailers solutions and serivces. For every tracking device sold you can expect to earn recurring revenue for many years to come

Partners. A TrailerTrailers partner is typically a company or group of individuals with significant experience in the field of communications, supply chain management, telecoms or system sintegration. You will be expected to bring skills and an existing customer base to the partnership and to look to quickly strengthen our relationship through sales, quality customer support and outstanding solution delivery. If you have a complementary product then TrailerTrailers can work with you integrate our services with your offering. Learn more about partnering with TrailerTrailers