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Personal tracking is a valuable additional service for companies that want to protect their employees and meet new Lone Worker Protection legislation

TrailerTrailers has a solution that will suit your requirements and your budget

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  Urban lone worker protection - GPS tracking

Urban lone worker tracking and protection: The individual has never been at more risk than today from a range of natural and man-made risks.

Lone workers in urban and built areas are exposed to many day to day dangers that cannot be forwseen. We aim to give your staff protection against accident and injury by enabling you to track and monitor them from the same software that you use to manage your fleet and trailers.

Our range of urban lone worker protection services are tailored to suit your requirements. We have a wide range of personal tracking devices and we can blend together different RF technologies to provide you the most comprehensive cost effective system.

Our lone worker protection systems include options for;

  • Panic buttons that communicate upto 300metres from a vehicle. The vehicle sends its position and an alert to our control centre. Ideal for drivers who drop of valuable cargo and maintenance staff who work near their vehicles
  • Lone panic buttons placed in vehicles for workers who spend most of their time in vehicles
  • GPS personal tracking devices for independent protection when staff away from a vehicle or are normally based on foot
  • Very sensitive GPS personal tracking devices for tracking colleagues in difficult environments
For all of our systems you have 3 main options for monitoring and control.
  • You can self manage - suitable for 9am to 5pm type requirements where there is always someone to monitor our internet based control software
  • You can manage yourself from 9am to 5pm and use our 24 hours x 7day week monitoring services for out of hours support
  • You can let us manage your staff with our professional 24 hours x 7 day week monitoring centre for round the clock protection

Choose your protection system, then choose your monitoring solution. If you have special requirements for tracking or protecting your staff please contact us is strictest confidence.

Dont delay, contact our lone worker advisors today to discuss a solution for your colleagues and workforce. They will work with you to determine your best solution and put a response strategy and alarm action plan in place.


For further information download a brochure and technical specifications or contact a TrailerTrailers tracking consultant today.

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