Lone worker Protection

Personal tracking is a valuable additional service for companies that want to protect their employees and meet new Lone Worker Protection legislation

TrailerTrailers has a solution that will suit your requirements and your budget

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Personal Tracking: The individual has never been at more risk than today from a range of natural and man-made risks.

Lone workers are in many different business sectors. Organisations vary from small publically funded teams to large international organisations who want to protect a global workforce.

These are hundreds of sectors that would benenefit from a personal tracking device or lone worker solution. Please contact us to discuss any special requirements.

Lone worker services can be provided for a wide range of industries and industry sectors, the following list highlights some of the areas that use our personal tracking and lone worker solutions.

  • Council employees lanscape gardeners, traffic wardens, maintenance teams, housing officers etc are often
  • Transport workers
  • Security staff Contact us today to discuss the options for protecting security staff
  • Service engineers
  • Delivery staff
  • Road workers
  • Health workers
  • Utility employees often work in remote and hazardous places. The nature of their work will often put them into contact with dangerous chemicals, electricity and water. Let them raise the alarm in an event of accidents
  • Security patrols Contact us today to discuss the options for protecting security services
  • Security services Contact us today to discuss the options for protecting security services
  • Care workers provide that extra level of saftey when care workers are working in the field
  • Public transport workers are frequently abused, threatened, attacked and robbed.
  • Catering, hotel and restaurant staff can often be confronted by agressive customers
  • Education and welfare workers Outward bounds, field studies and home turors benefit from personal tracking devices and lone worker protection system
  • Home help entering a persons house alone places a great risk home help workers
  • Charity workers fundraisers and helpers often encounter dangerous situations
  • Outreach workers are often faced with dangerous situations, track and protect them with our range of persanal devices
  • Management and personnel Protect key personel when out of the office or on overseas business
  • Leisure and service providers
  • Event organisers protect your staff at large public events, coordinate, organise and respond to situations by tracking their location
  • Police many police departments would benefit
  • Ambulance crews and St John Ambulance teams
  • Fire teams and vehicles
If you have special requirements for tracking or protecting your staff please contact us is strictest confidence.


For further information download a brochure and technical specifications or contact a TrailerTrailers tracking consultant today.

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