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Personal tracking is a valuable additional service for companies that want to protect their employees and meet new Lone Worker Protection legislation

TrailerTrailers has a solution that will suit your requirements and your budget

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Personal Tracking: The individual has never been at more risk from todays range of natural and man-made dangers.

Lone workers come into contact with a growing number of dangers on a daily basis. These risks are reduced through our range of personal tracking solutions. Risks areas include the following;

  • Kidnapping. When employees venture overseas they are often seen as easy prey for organised crime and petty criminals. Kidnapping is growing at an alarming rate all over the world.
  • Natural disaster. Pinpointing your employees in times of natural disaster can be extremely difficult. Especially if the local infrastructure is aaffected. We offer a range of solutions that can operate independently of local services, using for example satellite communications incase local cellphone coverage is lost. Contact us today and let us explain the most appropriate solution for protecting your employees in times of disaster.
  • Remote workers face a number of risks. Our lone worker solutions provide protection for environment ranging from inner city employees to people working in the most remote ocean or desert. A wide variety of technologies go together to build a reliable solution designed to suit your organisation.
  • Lone worker - Accidents at work. Many lone workers are subjected to high risks when conducting their day to day business. Being able to risk the alarm in the event of an accident is extremely important in being able to locate and provide assistance.
  • Lone worker - Theft and robbery. If you regularly transport high value goods your staff may already have experienced abduction. Raising the SOS promptly is of the highest priority when putting together a lone worker solution. We offer many ways to raise an alarm or SOS when things go wrong in the field.

How we provide protection for these risks depends greatly on the type of business you operate, geographic areas you operate in and the specific risks you are looking to alleviate.


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