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Personal tracking is a valuable additional service for companies that want to protect their employees and meet new Lone Worker Protection legislation

TrailerTrailers has a solution that will suit your requirements and your budget

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Personal Tracking: The individual has never been at more risk than today from a range of natural and man-made risks.

Remote lone workers operate in many different business areas across the globe. To meet the needs of growing companies with ever increasing geographic operational foot prints we have designed a unique range of devices and services to protect your global workforce.

Lone worker risks that we aim to help alleviate include the following;

  • Kidnapping. The overseas worker is finding themselves in hostile environments often thousands of miles away their home country or even the nearest safe city. We offer services that aim to alert, track and recover your employees when working overseas.
  • Natural disaster. Many experts agree that the world is becoming a more unpredictable place in terms of the natural environment. Equip your staff with the ability to send emergency messages with their posistion back to your HQ within minutes of problems occuring independently from any local infrastructure.
  • Accident. From traffic accident to work related accident, the potential for risk is enourmous. Prepare to assist with our global lone worker solutions
Organisations vary from small publically funded teams to large international organisations who want to protect a vunlerable global workforce.

These are many sectors that would benenefit from a personal tracking device or lone worker solution. Typical business areas include;

  • Oil and Gas exploration
  • Mineral exploration
  • Pipeline and road building crews
  • Journalists
  • Excecutives
  • Explorers and travellers
  • Relief and charity workers
  • Emergency services

Please contact us to discuss any special requirements.

If you have special requirements for tracking or protecting your staff please contact us is strictest confidence.


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