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Fleet management reports are crucial in making sure you get the most from your fleet. Its one of the best tools for easily analysing your fleet and therefore trimming costs and boosting productivity.

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Running a fleet of vehicles can be one of the most significant costs in your business. Fleet management reporting highlights problem areas where savings can be made.

Some of our most popular reports include;

> Fleet management trip report shows information such as start journey time and date, end journey time and date. Each journey record in the fleet management report shows you the idling time at begining and end of the journey, distance travelled and time taken.

This information is summarised into report totals for idle time, drive time and distance travelled.

> Vehicle activity Report Shows the activity for the vehicle vehicle and driver.

> Overtime Report Shows the hourse worked each day, total per week and daily average.

We have many other reports and of course we can often build a report to your specifications.


For examples of our range of tracking and management reporting tools contact a fleet management consultant.


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